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World Wildlife Fund Netherlands released a science brief titled "Nitrogen: Too much of a vital resource." N-Print team member Jan Willem Erisman led the publication, and Albert Bleeker, Jim Galloway, and Allison Leach were co-authors. You can download the document here.

An international nitrogen footprint workshop on local realities and global connections was held 16-18 April 2015 in Sapporo, Japan. Click here to learn more about the presentations, discussions, and next steps for nitrogen footprint research.

Do you want to calculate your university's nitrogen footprint? We are looking for US universities to be part of a second cohort of institutions calculating their nitrogen footprint. If you are interested, contact us at

Nitrogen footprints over time: Galloway et al. (2014) published a paper entitled "Nitrogen footprints: Past, present, and future" in Environmental Research Letters.

Japan's nitrogen footprint: Shibata et al. (2014) published a paper entitled "First approach to the Japanese nitrogen footprint model to predict the loss of nitrogen to the environment" in Environmental Research Letters.

Are you interested in making your event nitrogen-neutral? Read the Leip et al. (2014) paper entitled "Nitrogen-neutrality: A step towards sustainability" from Environmental Research Letters and contact us at to learn more.

Austria's nitrogen footprint: Pierer et al. (2014) published a paper entitled "The nitrogen footprint of food products and general consumption patterns in Austria" in the journal Food Policy on calculating Austria's nitrogen footprint.

Nitrogen footprint for the UK: We are pleased to announce that a journal article entitled "Personal nitrogen footprint tool for the United Kingdom" was published in the journal Environmental Sciences: Processes and Impacts by Stevens et al. This paper presents the results of a per capita UK nitrogen footprint, which can be accessed in the N-Calculator. The paper considers an historical perspective of the UK per capita N footprint and analyzes the impact of different scenarios (such as composting all food waste) on the average UK N footprint.

Journal article describing an institution-level nitrogen footprint model: The personal N-Calculator concept was applied to develop an institution-level model for the University of Virginia.Published in Sustainability: The Journal of Record, the paper details the methodology of the tool used to calculate UVA's nitrogen footprint.  Please contact us if you are interested in calculating the nitrogen footprint of your institution. We are currently developing tools that we expect will be available in the spring.    

Launch of the UK N-Calculator: We are pleased to announce the launch of the United Kingdom N-Calculator !This tool is an important addition to the country N-Calculators. The UK N-Calculator was produced with scientists Dr. Carly Stevens and Sarah Dale (Lancaster University) and Dr. Paul Whitehead (Oxford Unviersity). Click here to read more about the UK N-Calculator and visit our news page for complete coverage of the UK N-Calculator launch.  

N-Calculator Paper Award: The first N-Calculator paper, "A nitrogen footprint model to help consumers understand their role in nitrogen losses to the environment," has been recognized as the best research paper in the journal Environmental Development in 2012. To read about the N-PRINT project in the news, please click here.  

The nitrogen footprint work was featured at the 2013 UVA Earth Week Expo: Below you can view the presentation given by Alley Leach and Ariel Majidi on both the personal and institution level nitrogen footprints. UVA Earth Week Expo  :

N2013 Announcement: The 6th International Nitrogen Conference (N2013) was held in Uganda on 18-23 November 2013.  The theme of this conference was:Just Enough N: Perspectives on how to get there for "too much" and "too little" Regions. Please visit the N2013 website for more information and the conference proceedings.   

N-PRINT Workshop: On December 3-4, 2011, we hosted an N-PRINT Workshop in London, UK.  Representatives from the following 11 countries attended: United States, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Portugal, Spain, France, Finland, Sweden, Italy, and Slovenia.  If you are interested in learning more about this event, please e-mail us at    

N-Calculator paper: The first N-Calculator journal article, titled "A nitrogen footprint model to help consumers understand their role in nitrogen losses to the environment," was published in January 2012 by the new journal Environmental Development.   The N-Calculator paper has been featured in the March 2012 issue of the European Commission's "Science for Environment Policy: DG Environment News Alert Serivce."  The article, "Online calculator measures consumers' 'nitrogen footprint'", can be viewed on the European Commission's website.    

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