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Beta version of updated nitrogen footprint tool

A beta version of the updated nitrogen footprint tool is now available! To use the beta tool, please click here or click on the image below.

We welcome any feedback you have on the beta tool at this Google Form

Learn More About the N-Calculator Tool>

New features in the beta version

  • Updated food data and algorithms, including questions about organic food and new versus recycled nitrogen input types
  • New "simple" food calculation option with nutrient profiles for Vegan, vegetarian, average, and "meat lover" diets
  • Optimized for smartphones, tablets, and desktop / laptop computers. Web-based: no app store download required

New features that will be available in the complete updated tool

  • New country calculators for Japan and Austria
  • Country calculators that are in the existing nitrogen footprint tool will be added to the updated tool (Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom)
  • More language options

New Technology

  • Streamlined workflow for adding new countries, calculations, and even design/theme variations
  • Enhanced translation (i18n) support, including rtl languages (Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew)
  • Rewrite of the old Adobe Flash application using modern web technology that is supported by mobile web browsers
  • Works in any device with an up-to-date web browser
  • Secure capture of form data, including optional user details, with strong SSL (https://) encryption
  • Hosted on a global content delivery network (CDN) for faster load times on all 7 continents

Calculate your N footprint using the new beta N-Calculator>

Calculate your N footprint using the original N-Calculator>


Please note that this tool is in beta mode and is still under development. We are continuing to update this tool, and we will launch a completed tool in the comings months. We welcome any feedback you have on this beta tool at this Google Form