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N-PRINT in the News

We publicly launched the N-Calculator in the United States on February 19th, 2011, at the annual AAAS meeting in Washington, DC.  We announced the launch of the tool at a symposium on nitrogen titled "Global and Local Responses to the Nitrogen Challenge: Science, Practice, and Policy."

We publicly launched the N-Calculator in Europe at the "Nitrogen and Global Change" conference in Edinburgh, UK on 13 April 2011.

You can view some of our press coverage to date at the following links, starting with the most recent coverage:

Press releases

"New model helps universities map their nitrogen footprint" - press release hosted by Sustainability: The Journal of Record



Press release: University of Oxford and Lancaster University launch the UK N-Calculator



ECN (Energy Research Center of the Netherlands) press release for the international launch of the N-Calculator



USA news

 NPR's The Salt article by Julia Rosen titled "Why your hamburger might be leading to nitrogen pollution"

 Ensia Magazine article by LIzzie Grossman titled "We've changed a life-giving nutrient into a deadly pollutant. How can we change it back?"

 UVA Today article by Anne Bromley titled "Lunch has a footprint -- and a sustainability label of one to five stars"

USDA article titled "Food Waste Can Have a Large Impact on Your Nitrogen Footprint

Brown University article titled "Brown University researchers among first to participate in Nitrogen Footprint Project"

Change Magazine article titled "UVA Nitrogen Footprint" by Sarah Kearsley


The Organic Center interview titled "An Interview with Jim Galloway"



ClimateWire article titled "Nitrogen footprint calculator points consumers to better choices" by Tiffany Stecker


New Scientist article titled: "Why we should care about our nitrogen footprint" by Jon White


Bay Journal article titled "Protein-rich diet linked to Bay's unhealthy state" by Karl Blankenship



Northen Kentucky public radio article and radio interview titled "Earth Calendar for May 18th and 19th" by Kathy Costello


Earth Gauge article titled "What's Your Nitrogen Footprint?


The European Commission included an article titled "Online calculator measures consumers' 'nitrogen footprint'" in the March 2012 issue of "Science for Environment Policy: DG Environment News Alert Service"


Virginia public radio interview titled "Tracking your nitrogen footprint" by Sandy Hausmn

Voice of America article and radio interview titled "Online tool shows how what you eat affects pollution" by Steve Baragona

Article on Columbia University's Earth Institute blog titled "Why is your nitrogen footprint important?" by Renee Cho

ScienceDaily article titled "Reducing one's nitrogen footprint: New web-based tool helps people make sustainable living choices"


Yahoo news article titled "N-Print project launches nitrogen footprint calculator tool" by Angela Thompson