Welcome to the Nitrogen Footprint (N-Print) website!

To quickly get started, please click the footprint calculation button below or follow this link: https://calc.nprint.org

A US-specific nitrogen footprint calculator that takes into account the effects of organic food production is also available. However please note that this tool has not been supported or updated recently. Please follow this link to use the organic N footprint tool: https://enketo.ona.io/fSH5Z1Wm

The N-Print project strives to leverage the beneficial use of reactive nitrogen while minimizing its negative impacts with an online interactive toolkit.

The N-Print project also has a broader purpose: to reduce global nitrogen pollution, by using the personal N-Calculator tool as a starting point. The overall objectives of the N-Print project are:

  1. Communicate the importance and effects of nitrogen
  2. Develop tools to calculate the nitrogen footprints of individuals, institutions, and other entities
  3. Promote the reduction of nitrogen footprints through the use of N-Print tools
  4. Assess the contribution of an entity's nitrogen footprint to environmental impacts along with the development of regional nitrogen ceilings

Explore the N-Print site to learn all about nitrogen, its interactions with our environment, and ways to appraise and reduce nitrogen pollution. Also check out the Nitrogen Working Group page!

The N-Print project is a project of the International Nitrogen Initiative and the multi-country calculator is supported by the International Nitrogen Management System

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