Special journal issue on institution N footprints

Special issue in Sustainability: The Journal of Record

The April 2017 issue of Sustainability: The Journal of Record highlights research from the Nitrogen Footprint Tool Network on institution nitrogen footprints.

The special issue contains 2 letters and 9 peer-reviewed papers on the methodology, use, and results for the institution-level Nitrogen Footprint Tool. The following papers were published by the NFT Network:


Universities, Sustainability, and Nitrogen Pollution. Allison M. Leach and Elizabeth A. Castner. This guest editor letter summarizes the special issue content.

Footprints Make an Impression. James N. Galloway. This letter provides background on the nitrogen footprint concept.

Peer-reviewed commentary: 

Calculating Institution Nitrogen Footprints Creates Connections across Campus. Meredith G. Hastings, Rebecca T. Barnes, Jessica Berry, Jacob Kimiecik, Rebecca Ryals, Jonathan Lantz-Trissel. This commentary discusses how the N footprint tool can be used on a campus.

Peer-reviewed original articles: 

The Nitrogen Footpirnt Tool Network: A Multi-Institution Program to Reduce Nitrogen Pollution. Elizabeth A. Castner, Allison M. Leach, Neil Leary, Jill Baron, Jana E. Compton, James N. Galloway, Meredith G. Hastings, Jacob Kimiecik, Jonathan Lantz-Trissel, Elizabeth de la Reguera, Rebecca Ryals. This lead article provides an update on the Nitrogen Footprint Tool for institutions and presents results for the first 7 campuses to calculate their N footprint. Open Access.

Adding a Nitrogen Footprint to Colorado State University's Sustainability Plan. Jacob Kimiecik, Jill S. Baron, Timothy Weinman, Emily Taylor. This paper provides a case study on CSU's nitrogen footprint, including how it was calculated and how the findings are being used.

Reducing the Nitrogen Footprint of a Small Residential College. Neil Leary, Elizabeth de la Reguera, Steven Fitzpatrick, Olivia Boggiano-Peterson. This case study highlights the nitrogen footprint of Dickinson College. Open Access

Comparing Institution Nitrogen Footprints: Metrics for Assessing and Tracking Environmental Impact. Elizabeth A. Castner, Allison M. Leach, Jana E. Compton, James N. Galloway, Jennifer Andrews. This paper explores a variety of comparison metrics for campus nitrogen footprints, including normalizations per person and by food purchases. Open Access

Assessing the Social and Environmental Costs of Institution Nitrogen Footprints. Jana E. Compton, Allison M. Leach, Elizabeth A. Castner, James N. Galloway. This study connects the nitrogen footprints of the Unviersity of Virginia and the University of New Hampshire to estimates of the damage costs from nitrogen pollution. Open Access

Defining System Boundaries of an Institution Nitrogen Footprint. Elizabeth de la Reguera, Elizabeth A. Castner, James N. Galloway, Allison M. Leach, Neil Leary, Jianwu Tang. This paper considers the importance of defining system boundaries and explores different options for assigning bounds. Open Access

Leveraging the Nitrogen Footprint to Increase Campus Sustainability. Rebecca T. Barnes, Jennifer Andrews, Colleen C. Orr. This study explores how other campus sustainability initiatives relate to the nitrogen footprint, with case studies presented for Colorado College and the University of New Hampshire.

An Integrated Tool for Calculating and Reducing Institution Carbon and Nitrogen Footprints. Allison M. Leach, James N. Galloway, Elizabeth A. Castner, Jennifer Andrews, Neil Leary, John D. Aber. This paper presents the methodology and case study results for a new integrated tool that will calculate campus carbon and nitogen footprints together. Open Access