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Use the Nitrogen Footprint Calculator (N-Calculator) to calculate your nitrogen footprint. We have two versions of the tool:

US N-Calculator

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The United States Organic N-Print Calculator ( focuses on the US nitrogen footprint and includes the option to indicate if the food you consume is organic. For your food consumption, you will see the balance between your N footprint that is new reactive N (mostly from conventional food) versus recycled reactive N (mostly from organic food).

The all-new Multi-country N-Print Calculator is available for the US, Australia, Denmark, Brazil, Portugal, and Ukraine. This calculator is also available in multiple languages: English, Portuguese, Danish, and Ukrainian. We will be adding more countries and languages in the future. Please send us any requests via our Contact Form!

The N-Calculator is a tool that allows individuals (you!) to calculate their nitrogen footprint.  The tool can also be scaled for use by communities, organizations, or countries.  When using the N-Calculator, you are asked questions about your resource consumption in the following areas:

Food choicesfood



Goods & servicesgoods and services


The N-Calculator, which starts with the average per capita consumption of consumption choices in a country, is then scaled to the individual based on the user’s answers to the questions.  The N-Calculator then estimates the nitrogen lost per unit of per capita resource consumption. The figure above shows the average per capita nitrogen footprint in the United States (adapted from Leach et al. 2012).