SIMAP® (Sustainability Indicator Management & Analysis Platform) is a carbon and nitrogen accounting platform for higher education institutions and other organizations. Launched in 2017 by the University of New Hampshire, SIMAP is the product of combining two tools: The Excel-based Campus Carbon Calculator and the Excel-based Nitrogen Footprint Tool (NFT)

SIMAP is the only tool that brings together the carbon and nitrogen footprints. The reason for the integration was clear: The activity data that drives the two footprints (e.g., energy use, food production) is the same, but the impacts are different. Greenhouse gas emissions contribute to climate change, whereas nitrogen pollution contributes to a range of negative human and environmental health impacts (e.g., biodiversity loss, water quality, air quality). Calculating both footprints together using the same data set gives institutions a broader picture of their sustainability impacts and more information for decision-making.



SIMAP offers campuses a simple, comprehensive, and affordable online tool to track, analyze, and improve campus-wide sustainability. The mission of SIMAP®  is to help institutions, colleges and universities track their footprints so they can meet their sustainability goals as effectively and efficiently as possible. For more information, see the SIMAP website or contact the SIMAP team at

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